'Edwina's approach has been up-front, honest, affable, kind and most importantly - non-judgemental.  She's so approachable in fact, that it's easy to be entirely honest with her - in ways, perhaps, that one might not be with one's family and closest friends. She has coached me gently to think about labour differently, to face my worst fears and prepare me to tackle them head-on.'


'I don't know what you said but my whole perspective on the pregnancy and forthcoming labour just changed for the better'


Our antenatal class was filled with little tips that proved invaluable on the day...thank you!


'...for the first time during my pregnancy, I can honestly say that I feel optimism creep in...'


'Edwina has completely succeeded in not only working out what my fears REALLY are, but also giving me the tools to cope if I were faced with them again'


'I'm now much clearer about the practical things I can do to help my wife which will hopefully make a real difference.'


'The Shiatsu massage techiques that Edwina taught me were great to help my wife get through her contractions for much of her labour'


 My weekly Shiatsu sessions have been an essential oasis of relaxation and calm amid the hecticness of my life!'