‘It would be more useful to think of childbirth as a series of intense (not necessarily all painful)  experiences rather than as one painful event’ 

During this workshop, we will explore a wide variety of ‘pain coping practices’, both natural and drug related. Even if you are planning to take pain relief, at some stage of labour you may need to cope with the intensity of labour (possible delay in administering an epidural; labour may be too advanced to administer…) Therefore, it is always useful to have pain coping practices under your belt. 

Couples will develop a pain coping mindset and learn how to ‘birth in awareness’ - being able to tap into what is needed moment by moment during their labour.  Birth partners will find different ways of being a true support to the birthing woman. 

Pain-coping practices include breath awareness, non-focused awareness, centring, optimal  positions for labour and birth, shiatsu massage and acupressure, visualization and  belly bowl breathing.

We also talk about the compassionate use of epidurals and drugs, making this class perfect for mothers choosing unmedicated birth, mothers choosing to give birth with drugs and for those who are still undecided. 

Many of these “pain-coping” practices are also excellent tools beyond birth when coping with the stresses of parenthood.  

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