This empowering and practical one day workshop focuses on enriching the variety and depth of birthing tools and coping strategies that you and your birthing partner may draw upon during labour and birth.

Our time together will be filled with a balance of practical suggestions and experiential moments which will help you have powerful insights and create your own unique set of coping skills. In addition to practical information, great importance is placed on mental and emotional preparation.  Birthing partners will also learn how to be an effective support.

This one-day class is great for those with limited time or who want to immerse themselves in their birthing preparation. .The day is suitable for couples and birth partners to be there, but it is equally fine to come on your own. The workshop supports any birth option parents may choose although it will not go into medical complications/ interventions or provide medical advice.

 We will cover a variety of topics including:

pain coping practices and developing a pain coping mindset;
dealing with fears and anxieties;  
how to cope with unexpected/unwished for circumstances;
exploring optimal birth positions;
creating and maintaining a supportive birth space to help you birth
Shiatsu acupressure massage…
Partners will discover practical ways to be a true support during labour.

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