The Journey Within 

by Edwina Cheng

I am a women, ripe with pregnancy, journeying on my Rite of Passage to Womanhood.  Nature's Gift.

I feel at one with the Universe and all women who have travelled, are travelling and will travel down this path.  Their birth stories, experiences, hopes and fears from time immemorial whisper around me;  layer upon delicate layer surround me like the soft feathers of an eiderdown. 

Comforting and warm - supportive.  Companions during my journey. 

Their strength and energy speak volumes; washing over me like waves caressing the beach.  I have a strong sense deep in my bones that my life, my experiences are bonded with theirs, as are future mothers to mine.

The increasing stirrings of my inner strength gather within the deep pools of reserves of which I have barely tapped into or even been conscious of... until now.

My beliefs, body, emotions come into syncronicity, like planets aligning, an eclipse.  I feel the true potential of life's natural flow flooding through my veins, my very soul.

It is at this very moment, as all seems in balance within me, that the conviction that labour and birth is Nature's Gift resonates through my entire being. 

It is time...and as I cross over the Threshold into Labourland  ...I discover that the Journey I've been on since my own birth has become a Journey Within.

Copyright 2004, revised 2008 by Edwina Cheng.  May not be reproduced in any form without written permission.