About Edwina 

 I am a 'Birthing From Within’ Childbirth Mentor and Life coach.  I have trained with the internationally respected Obstetrician and author, Michel Odent and Pam England, midwife and author of ‘Birthing From Within’.  I have been helping couples prepare for birth since 2002. 

 A registered Shiatu practitioner with the Shiastu Society (UK) I have practiced Shiatsu since 1996.  I completed  Level 1 – 3 of an extensive Diploma course in ‘Shiatsu for Maternity’ in 2002 having studied with Suzanne Yates of 'Well Mother' who pioneered the use of Shiatsu in pregnancy and Childbirth in Europe.  

I have worked in a number of places offering Birth Preparation or Shiatsu, including The Active Birth Centre, The Immune Development Trust, Greenwich Natural Therapy Centre and Neals Yard Remedies, Blackheath. 

 The home births of my two girls were amazing, positive experiences, which I feel was primarily due to the comprehensive birth preparation I did beforehand.  

 After the birth of my first child, Leila,  I felt as though I’d been on a tiring but exciting holiday and other people commented on how well I looked and sounded.  Even now, whenever I remember the day Leila was born -  the contractions, pain, atmosphere, subsequent hospital experience (to remove a retained placenta) it all gives me a warm ‘feel good’ feeling.  The whole experience was totally unique, intense and holds very special memories for me. 

 The sense of empowerment I felt during both my labours overflowed through to my confidence as  a mother.  I often didn’t know whether I was doing things ‘right’ (is there a ‘right’?) but fell back on trusting my instincts just as I did during birth.  The sense of achievement in birthing my children ‘my way’ has enhanced my sense of self and what I can achieve if my attitude, thoughts and emotions are aligned. 

 I’ve spoken to a number of women who approach or experience pregnancy and birth as an ordeal which has to be endured to get the ‘end product’.  They often feel as though things are being done to them and that they have no control over birthing their child whether it be the environment they would like to birth in or pain relief options. It was after my own birth journey and hearing of other womens' experiences that it felt that there was real value and  need to offer women the option of going deeper into their birth preparation to enhance their own birth experience and perception of their birth and sense of empowerment.

My hope for all birthing women is that they have the opportunity to experience this time as best they can;  to feel empowered and in touch with their inner strength and intuition that naturally lies within each of us whatever unfolds during their birth journey.