Welcome! My name is Edwina and I'm a 'Birthing from Within' Childbirth Mentor, Life coach, Registered Shiatsu Practitioner, mother of two young girls and the founder of 'Birth Illuminessence'.

I offer a variety of Group and Private Antenatal Birth Preparation Workshops which will give you the opportunity to explore more deeply key aspects of your birth preparation.  These workshops will be invaluable whether you are planning a home or hospital birth expecting your first child or would like to enhance a subsequent birth experience.  They can be taken to complement NCT or NHS classes.

The workshops I offer are continually evolving.  They are based on the personal and holistic ‘Birthing from Within’ approach; my professional and personal experiences including fifteen years as a Shiatsu practitioner and valuable feedback from clients.

Our time together will be filled with lots of useful practical tips and powerful insights which will allow you to build trust in birth, your body, your baby, each other and in your capacity to work with whatever challenges your birth journey may present to you without fear, anxiety or self-judgement.

Do you have the sense that there is much more to birth than just a medical process? 

Are you ready to open to your inner wisdom and harness the power within you to birth? 

Would your birth partner find it helpful to discover practical ways to be a true support to you during labour?

If so, I invite you to let me join you, as your Childbirth Mentor,  on your unique birth journey…




 'Passionate that all birthing women have the opportunity to experience this time as best they can; to feel empowered and in touch with the inner strength and intuition that naturally lies within each of us....whatever unfolds during their birth journey'

‘The time you spend with your Childbirth mentor may be the only time that you…stop…honour your pregnancy…spend time preparing for the journey that you have begun’